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14 ways to use vaseline for home and…
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14 ways to use vaseline for home and personal care


Vaseline is a natural extract used since ancient times for aesthetic purposes.

Obtained from the residues of the distillation of oil, it is composed mostly of mineral oils and waxes, to which it owes its particular creamy-oily consistency and the name (from wasser = water and elaion = oil).

Vaseline is such a versatile product that not everyone knows its many uses! Let's discover some together that are useful both for personal care and around the house.

1. Do-it-yourself lip balm

Simply mix some Vaseline and natural food coloring --- for smooth and soft lips!

2. Natural and effective make-up remover

Apply Vaseline on a cotton disc and eliminate make-up! Vaseline is an economic, natural, and efficient makeup remover.


3. Zipper lubricant

image: Pinterest

Against blocked zippers that refuse to move, you can resort to Vaseline. Just apply a little to the zipper teeth.

4. Razor blade "protector".

image: Annie A to Z

Rub some Vaseline on a completely dry razor blade to protect the blade.

5. Long-lasting pumpkin lanterns

If you have struggled and worked hard to make a Halloween pumpkin, you can keep it a little longer by applying some Vaseline.


6. To prolong the fragrance of perfume

image: Makeup Mania

To prevent the fragrance of your perfume from fading too soon, first, apply Vaseline to the interested parts of your body before spraying or dabbing on your perfume.

 7. For nail polish

You can put some Vaseline around the nail polish bottle opening to stop the bottle cap from sticking.


 8. Lip scrub

image: Craft

Great to remove the dry skin from the lips without hurting yourself! This lip scrub is very simple to prepare and ... very sweet!

9. Use Vaseline on CDs and DVDs

image: Instructables

You can use vaseline to try to repair light scratches on CDs and DVDs. Just spread a little on the surface of the disc and wipe off any excess Vaseline.


10. A beauty tip for eyelashes!

image: belashed.org

You can strengthen the growth of your eyelashes by applying Vaseline during the night. Over time, you will discover that you no longer need mascara!

11. Shoe polish

image: quora.com

... but also for handbags, belts, and all leather goods!

12. Hair treatment

image: bellatory.com

Vaseline is excellent for preventing split ends. Just apply a little bit of Vaseline after each trim or haircut.

13. Stain-resistant

Not to remove stains, but to prevent paint stains from occurring! You can apply Vaseline on any areas that you do not want to paint - like handles, locks, and door or window hinges.

14. To eliminate traces of makeup from fabrics

Moisten a towel and put a little bit of Vaseline on it, then use it to gently scrub away makeup stains from clothes, pillows, blankets, and sheets.


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