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7 very valid reasons to include celery…
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7 very valid reasons to include celery in your daily diet


We know that eating vegetables every day, as we should, can be difficult and, even if you like them, they can quickly become boring.

This is why it is important to find new ways to cook and enjoy them without it looking like an obligation, especially for the little ones. 

Celery, in particular, is a very versatile food in the kitchen and contains a number of properties that never cease to amaze nutritionists.

We have listed some that will convince you to include it in all your dishes.

1. Helps to lose weight

Using celery as a snack is a formidable way to lose weight. It contains very few calories and is almost all water, which means you can eat it at will. Eaten with hummus or peanut butter, however, it still offers a low caloric intake, is tasty and helps the metabolism.

2. Prevents dehydration

Many people tend not to drink sufficient fluids, and they are not aware of this fact. Doctors never tire of repeating that we should drink more water, especially with the arrival of hot weather. Celery is composed of 95% water and is suitable for those people who cannot drink water many times a day but would not say no to a snack.

3. It is anti-inflammatory

For those suffering from arthritis or cardiovascular problems, celery can help reduce swelling and inflammation.

4. It is stomach-friendly 

The same positive results for those suffering from heartburn. Always keeping celery in the fridge will help you feel better. 

5. Improves cholesterol and blood pressure levels 

The beneficial properties of celery should also not be underestimated regarding the management of cholesterol and blood pressure levels. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Chicago, a chemical present in celery, called "phthalide", is responsible for reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. 

6. Promotes digestion 

If you suffer from poor digestion and you often feel heavy or bloated, then celery, which is rich in fiber, is perfect for you and is certainly less invasive than medicines. Just eat it regularly for a week and you will notice the positive effects. 

7. It's relaxing 

Finally, celery seems to also have relaxing properties and, especially when eaten at dinner, before going to sleep, predisposes the body to get a good night's sleep.

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