Awkward and prankish cats?! After seeing these images you will love them even more! -
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Awkward and prankish cats?! After seeing…
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Awkward and prankish cats?! After seeing these images you will love them even more!


History tells us that in ancient Egypt cats were considered sacred animals, very close to the gods and therefore very highly respected.

The question we all ask is whether, even in this age, do felines that are so graceful and adored, let themselves go and commit acts of madness and experience moments of apparent insanity?

Yes, because those who have a cat know well that in the life of these adorable animals, in addition to sleep and food, you cannot ever leave out playful and mischievous activities.

Therefore, if you consider cats to be elegant animals, posed and sometimes indifferent, take a look at these photos and you will change your mind.

Drinking water from a faucet requires a special skill!

This is the first time this cat has seen a watermelon!

image: CamelMilk

When the repulsion for water is maximum.

image: dittidot

This is what it means to get stuck in the most unthinkable places.

image: betasynn

To not lose the habit!

image: Britt M.

Find the intruder.

image: Britt M.

The attempt to play hide and seek can be said to have failed.

image: whistlewink

"His head is stuck in a roll of duct tape again ..."

image: not-a-pretzel

One cat is calm and serious, the other is a real clown --- can you tell which one?


When any place to get a drink of water is better than your bowl.

Uh how nice, a new cat bed!

image: Youheartbeth

Do not try to find an explanation because there is none!

image: Aaragon

A circus cat.

image: Serfty

This is what happens when you get stuck with your claws in a curtain and you suddenly fall asleep.

image: Renegadeboy

The perfect combination to say goodbye to the integrity of the house.

And do you have a cat that chews on metal, too?

I did not want a cat genius ... But certainly not one like this, either!

image: BlaydBlyss

Complicating your life is beautiful.

image: Annjirika

Is masochism the correct term?

image: aubreyxo89
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