These 18 people have experienced mishaps that they will find difficult to forget -
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These 18 people have experienced mishaps…
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These 18 people have experienced mishaps that they will find difficult to forget

May 13, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Everything seems to proceed for the best, the day is running smoothly but then something unexpected happens, small or big, that reminds us that in life anything can always happen.

In addition, if it is true that there are those who claim to be a real magnet for unfortunate events and those who live with the good luck of Gastone Scrooge, it is also true that, sooner or later, a really bad day happens to everyone

Here are some examples of people who will surely remember their exceptionally bad day!

When the photo shoot takes a turn for the WORST.

image: Reddit/bixnok

And he sits down like this ...

image: Imgur

Will it work?

This bicycle has been parked here for a really long time!

image: Imgur

And he thought he had paid more to get a window seat!


You leave the eggs to cook but when you come back you realize you had turned on the wrong burner!

A moment of distraction and ... now the purchase has to be redone!


Guess what number they needed?

When the hairdresser tells you that he understands what you mean ...


We understand what happened but why escapes us ...

Which of you would buy the whole puzzle again?

When you want to add a little booze to your coffee, but the bottle of liqueur and the bottle of olive oil are definitely VERY similar to each other ...

The card was still inside the ATM machine ...

Good luck!

We can hear the sobs from here!

This is not bad luck but a fake henna tattoo disaster!

Maybe he should have looked out of the window before leaving the house, right?

If you too have thought about feeding the pigeons, here's a good reason to avoid it!

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