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18 cats that are so full of nonsense…
Stuff chicken breasts with a tasty filling and when it comes out of the oven it is mouthwatering! These 18 people have experienced mishaps that they will find difficult to forget

18 cats that are so full of nonsense ... that it is impossible to keep from laughing!

May 13, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Agile as a cat, clever as a cat ... says a proverb. In fact, how can we deny the undoubted ability of clever and fearless cats to creep silently everywhere, perform acrobatic feats, and weigh people and situations with one sharp look?

Yet, cat lovers know perfectly well that behind that stern gaze hides an irreparable mess, awkward, and carefree - which are the aspects of our four-legged friends that most win our hearts!

Below, you will find several of these moments, in which some of these clumsy cats seem to forget that they are supposed to be elegant and clever cats and instead cause disasters when they do senseless things!

1. "An impeccable technique ... but now how do I get down?"

image: mrstoness

2. Who will tell this cat that the door is open and it can enter?

image: leighaeroe

3. No, this is not an attempt to emulate an Egyptian ancestor, but the result of the awkward attempt to free his head from a vase in which it had been stuck!

image: Hardin314

4. Showing proudly to its owner a trophy from its daily hunting --- a tea bag.

image: MyCatIsFamous

5. "I took it and now I am going to eat it ... Oops!"

image: CatMan

6. How to dine in comfort!

image: lilred181

7. "Stop laughing and help me get down!"

image: fastandfurry

8. This cat wanted to be as elegant as its owner ... by wearing his jacket, naturally.

9. "Mom help me, the pillows are sucking me in!"


10. "Every time I promise my owner to help her with the cleaning in the garden, the pet door narrows ..."

11. Crunchy cereal bowl with a hungry kitten included.

image: catpuccinoz

12. The owner has stopped buying presents for his cat ...

image: thefoxsay

13. "Someone has to fix the faucet, because I get completely wet when I drink!"

image: KingkongRS7

 14. "I just wanted to blow my nose, but the tissue box attacked me."

15. A very questionable position in which to fall asleep.

image: Vo1x

16. Maybe the other places were reserved ...

image: joshanders84

17. A somewhat convoluted way to drink from your own water bowl!

image: DaBumbas

18. Sleep on a soft pillow or inside a narrow dustpan? The choice is obvious!

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