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10 discoveries made by chance that have…
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10 discoveries made by chance that have made people wealthy forever


Do you know that according to an expert, each of us can increase our good luck?

Just follow some simple rules, namely: 1) make new acquaintances, be relaxed, and be open to new opportunities, 2) listen to your sixth sense, 3) expect to be lucky, and 4) try to reevaluate the events that you have considered to be unlucky.

Probably these successful people followed these rules to the letter, the fact is that with one stroke of luck they became some of the wealthiest people on Earth!

A rock made of ... gold!

An Australian farmer was walking in his fields with a metal detector looking for a metal tool he had lost when suddenly the device issued an acoustic signal that the farmer discovered was due to the presence of small gold nuggets in the soil. He continued to dig deeper and ended up finding an enormous gold nugget weighing 12 lb (5.5 kg) worth over $ 300,000 USD.

Super glue

Super glue was discovered by chance by an American chemist in 1942. The research team he was part of was working on a plastic that was supposed to be used on the sights for firearms and weapons used in the Second World War when the man accidentally synthesized a material that had a high adhesive power. However, super glue only became famous many years later, in 1985, and has generated commerce totaling billions of dollars.


A treasure hidden for 14 years

A man had collected stones during one of his many walks and in the bucket that he carried with him, there was a particularly beautiful and shiny stone, which he instantly fell in love with. It was only 14 years later, when he decided to have the stone examined and appraised by an expert did he discover that the stone was a rare black opal worth 3 million dollars! The stone was given the name "Royal Opal".

The wall of coins

image: pexels.com

A group of children discovered an abandoned house where they often went to play and one day after they had found some coins near a wall they took them to show their parents. The latter, intrigued, arrived on the spot and breaking down the wall discovered a cavity full of coins, some so rare as to be worth 200 million dollars!

Pyura Chilensis

If you are ever in a certain area between Chile and Peru, keep your eyes open wide open because if you happen to find something like this, you will have found a rarity. It is a marine invertebrate very appreciated in the cuisine of many places around the world and is found exclusively on a stretch of coast between Chile and Peru.


Popsicles were invented back in 1905 when in the winter, a child left a glass full of water in the garden with a stick inside it. Hence the idea of creating something tasty by adding fruit syrups to water and freezing it.

The invention of the microwave oven

image: Unknown/Imgur

It seems that even the microwave oven was invented in a completely random way! This invention is attributed to Percy Spencer, an employee of a US company involved in national defense, who discovered that a radar magnetron had melted his chocolate bar!

The discovery that changed the world

We know well that penicillin was discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, but less known is how he did it. Apparently,  the doctor returned home after being on vacation for a few days and found the dishes on which he had eaten before going on vacation were covered with mold. Analyzing the substance, he found that the mold had killed the bacteria. Today, we have this powerful antibiotic because Fleming forgot to wash his dishes!

Images: Dr Graham Beards/Wikimedia

Coca Cola

image: pixabay.com

John Pemberton originally created the famous drink to treat headaches. However, one of his assistants was confused and mixed the leaves and the flowers from a coca plant with carbonated water, which resulted in a sparkling and refreshing drink!

They suddenly became ... Millionaires!

Two English farmers, using a metal detector, went in search of a hammer that one of them had lost  But instead of the work tool, they found a wooden box covered with metal studs. Inside there was a treasure worth $15 million dollars! The two farmers delivered their discovery to the British Museum and received a reward of $2.3 million dollars, which they shared between them.


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