17 photos that show that cats can be…
Brother and sister take the center of the rink and conquer the public with their unique performance This monkey has adopted a stray dog, and the way he treats it surpasses all imagination!

17 photos that show that cats can be the most mischievous animals ever!

April 15, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Whoever is convinced that domestic cats love to be alone, remain on the sidelines, and that they do not need much attention on the part of their owner is wrong, and big time!

The images in this article will not only prove to you that cats are not as antisocial as they are reputed, but that they can also be extremely perfidious and spiteful.

Obviously, nevertheless, looking at these photos should not make you not want to have a cat, but quite the opposite!

Caught in the act!

image: Tangler

If you have a cat, do not buy a PC with a power button that is clearly visible because you could lose hours and hours of work!


Making desserts with cats at home is beautiful.

image: WashCapsFan

"What are you doing already home from work?"

image: crazydarklord

Of the many other places to rest, this cat chooses to sit on a carton of eggs!

image: leetabix

He must have targeted the telephone ...

image: occolla

This cat has learned how to get food using its pet cone ...

image: radtoria

The short story of a Christmas tree (with a cat at home).

image: reddit.com

So, suddenly you cannot see your TV programs? The answer could be simpler than you think ...

image: jaycrew

Ah, an important tip --- never lock out a cat.

... you could live to regret it!

Cats simply adore (breaking) PCs and laptops!

Little thieves grow up ...

image: zeinshver

"Our cat has recently discovered that he can climb up on everything ..."

image: godofleet

They will prevent you from working on your PC at any cost ...

image: Arterially

"My cat caused the fishbowl to fall down from the bookshelf and magically turn over without spilling out all the water or the goldfish!"

image: slowf3

Doing your yoga asanas? At your own risk ...

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