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15 photos that will leave you bewildered…
A photographer portrays the Which feather do you prefer? The answer reveals something about your personality!

15 photos that will leave you bewildered thanks to their curious perspective!


If there were not an explanation attached, at the first glance at least two of the images in this photo gallery, you would think someone is insane and run immediately to contact social services.

But, as we shall discover, the only culprit of the alarming effects present in the photographs is the dear, old perspective that often produces an optical illusion! Besides, do not worry, not all of the photos presented here are so alarming!

The mixture of randomness and voluntary preparation of the scenarios will make you blink a couple of times but then you will understand the optical illusion and you will laugh!

He is not a careless and cruel dad as it seems ... Look closer!

Where one person ends and the other begins is not clear ...


Have you always thought that cats have super-powers? You were right, of course!

But what color is this Venetian blind (from every angle)?

This cat really has its head somewhere else!


Help, please someone --- hurry to save him! ... But no, just turn the photo 90° to the left...

image: Idobjj/reddit

By being in this place so often and so long, this man is becoming one with the environment!


A rare example of a giraffe dog!

image: reddit

An interesting positioning of newspapers that creates a curious perspective!


Close your mouth! Ah, no ... It's too full!

When the sky looks like a stormy sea.

We feel observed ...

image: daash/reddit

This cyclist FLIES!

Waiting for Yogi Bear to come out of his den?

When a wave turns into a snow-covered peak on a mountain.


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