They were born as triplets but two of them are Siamese twins! Looking at them 15 years later is a joy for the eyes! -
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They were born as triplets but two of…
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They were born as triplets but two of them are Siamese twins! Looking at them 15 years later is a joy for the eyes!


Multiple births are very complex, not only because they put a great strain on the mother's body, but also because they can lead to complications in the development of the embryos.

One of these complications, perhaps the best known, is that of the birth of Siamese twins, which makes the life of the newborns difficult and above all uncertain. 

The story we tell you today combines two very rare aspects ---- multiple births (to be precise, triplets which are three newborns) with the presence of two Siamese twins. This is the story of Macy, Mackenzie, and Madeline.


Macy and Mackenzie were born 15 years ago, connected at the level of their stomachs and with one leg in common. It was not possible at that time to know if they would survive, or whether it would be possible to separate them successfully. With the exception of their little sister, the girls had no one, since the natural parents did not want to take on the responsibility for taking care of them.

The prospect of facing huge expenses and the great emotional and psychological strength needed to endure this situation prevailed over their parental instinct, therefore, the three girls were given up for adoption. While waiting for a family to adopt them, the doctors at the hospital where they were born took care of them. As you can imagine, there were many months of analysis, special pharmaceuticals, medical studies, and lots of hope.


After some time, however, they had a breakthrough --- a couple composed of Darla and Jeff Garrison decided to adopt the baby girls, despite not having huge economic resources to devote to them. A new family was born, and now they had to decide how to move forward.

After having thought about it for a long time and obtained funding, the couple decided to proceed with the separation of the girls, which was resolved with a sort of medical miracle! In fact, at only 9 months of age, the baby girls faced a 24-hour operation that rendered them independent of each other. 

Obviously, it had not been a simple operation. As a matter of fact, in the previous weeks before the surgery,  the doctors had to apply expanders to create inches of skin to be used during surgery, and even after the operation, it was necessary to subject the girls to a lot of physical therapy to develop their muscle tone.

However, the result, we must admit, was beyond expectations! Macy, Mackenzie, and Madeline lived a childhood almost identical to those of their peers, growing up together on the farm where their adoptive parents decided to raise them.


Also, as adolescents, they found great support in their community, which allowed them to live their disability with a lot of self-esteem and confidence. After all ... they are real warriors, and we can only wish the whole family all the happiness possible!

We believe that more people like Darla and Jeff are needed in the world, who decided to aside personal well-being to help these children who were in great difficulty. Let's look in the mirror and reflect sincerely --- how many of us would be able to do the same?

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