The month of the year in which you were born can make you think about certain aspects of your character

by Shirley Marie Bradby

March 02, 2018

The month of the year in which you were born can make you think about certain aspects of your character

It will seem absurd, but to establish a relationship between a person's character and the period of the year of their birth is not only astrology but also science, the official one.

Obviously, the hypotheses at the base of this statement are different. The first invokes an alleged gravitational influence of the planets, the second takes into account the environmental factors that, during the period when the fetus is in the womb, can somehow have a significant influence on the character of the future child.

In fact, more and more surveys tend to confirm the common characteristics among those born in the same season, enhancing the thesis that the month, or at least the time of year, of birth can somehow have an influence on a person's personality and character.

In your case, is the description true? Let us know!


The month of the year in which you were born can make you think about certain aspects of your character - 1

Being born in a certain month of the year means that the mother's term of pregnancy was carried out over a period of several months, which may have been for the most part in the summer or winter.

Therefore, the pregnant woman, for example, may have suffered a mild depression during her pregnancy due to the shortening of the winter days or the cold temperatures (it happens to everyone), or she may have been exposed to the sun (which is normal in the summer), and also here the fetus may have suffered the consequences (both positive and negative) of these moods and environmental conditions.

Furthermore, a study conducted on laboratory mice found that baby mice that had a gestation period that transpired under simulated winter conditions were less prone to physical activity and had different eating habits from those that, instead, had a gestation period that transpired under simulated summer conditions. The same certainly, happens to human beings. 

Here is the profile of those born in the spring, summer, autumn, and winter months. Now, identify yours and read the description. 

March, April, and May --- Those born in these months have a personality that is exceptionally positive, open, and enthusiastic about life. Those born in the spring months have an excellent predisposition to experience happy states of mind and to consider any moments of depression as a prelude to the return to serenity. However, this state of being which is similar to perpetual euphoria also creates a fertile substratum for the development of intense depressive states. This is due to the fact that in the presence of too many factors that hinder happiness, those born in the spring months are unable to withstand the pressures. A 2012 study identified a predisposition to the development of depressive states, especially in those individuals born in May. 

June, July, and August --- There is mostly good news for those born in the summer. The last months of pregnancy were during spring, and those months had an excellent influence on the fetus, which was able to benefit from a positive maternal state of mind. Also, those born in June, July, and August have an extremely sunny and expansive character, although it is worth mentioning that this mood presents a more cyclic component, which leads them to live high and low moods in short intervals of time. All this, however, in no way leads to bipolar disorders, indeed being diagnosed as bipolar happens very rarely for those individuals born during the summer months. 

September, October, and November --- The abundance of fruit that matured during the summer months required long and luminous days, and it is a fact that also those born in the autumn months are mostly sunny and positive. In their case, even science affirms the astrological description of individuals born during these months. This is because these are the months of the Libra Scale, a symbol of fairness and justice, and science also confirms that those born in the months of September, October and November have these characteristics. They also have a small defect --- they get irritated very easily. 

December, January, and February --- Science has observed that individuals born in these months develop psychological and depressive disorders more easily. Obviously, it is only a statistic that analyzes the most serious cases, because it is also a fact that those born in the winter months tend to be very creative and imaginative. In fact, another statistic performed on a large number of famous people and entertainment celebrities has found that most were born during the winter months. 

Have you read your profile? Does it correspond to the truth in your case? 

Of course, this should not urge parents to program a pregnancy based on the desired birth month! What determines the character of a newborn baby is not only the month of birth but an infinity of other factors (genetic and environmental) that when mixed together in a fascinating way combine to create a person with their own unique character and personality!