Because of this dog's appearance no one wanted to adopt him, but he later he found a new family -
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Because of this dog's appearance no…
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Because of this dog's appearance no one wanted to adopt him, but he later he found a new family

February 27, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The health conditions of this dog when it was sighted wandering on the streets in Croatia were so horrible that they probably kept many people away from him. 

Even when a person with a heart of gold took the dog to Klaudija Sigurnjak's animal shelter, the initial assessment made it clear that for Frodo, as he was called, there was no certainty that he would be able to recover.

In fact, the dog was severely malnourished, suffering from scabies, and had an obvious eye infection.

"When he arrived here, I was stunned! He did not even look like a dog!", Said Klaudija.

"He was full of fleas and ticks! He had scabies all over his body and his right eye was also badly infected."


"The first thing we did was feed him because he was clearly starving."

While giving Frodo the care he needed, nevertheless the animal shelter operators and veterinarians knew that Frodo's life was still in danger.

Naturally, they took care of him to the best of their ability.


And even if it was not possible to save his right eye, Frodo continued to show his strong will to live!

Together with his fur, his confidence in the world started to grow!


It took him months to recover completely ...

But every day he took giant steps and ... he became more and more handsome!


No one would have bet that Frodo could have made such a change!

But in the end, it was possible to put an ad online to try to get him adopted!

Here is the beautiful couple who now take care of him! Best wishes to everyone! Have a good life!

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