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35 objects that will make you say "Why…
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35 objects that will make you say "Why don't I own this yet?"

February 09, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you are interested in this article, it is because you are not easily satisfied with what is commonly seen everywhere, instead, for every object, you always look for the particular and the limited edition, which reflects your personality.

Well, you are in the right place, because here you will find a list of home-made items reconceived in an original way.

The question is "Why put salt with a common salt shaker when you can put it in a magic wand?", Or 'Why use a normal toilet paper holder when you can mount it on a Polaroid camera facsimile?"

If you do not know the answer, well, then take a look at these objects ...

A calendar to remind the forgetful when was the last time they fed the fish.

image: dreamfarm

A cutting board that also serves as a convenient container for pouring food into pots and pans.

image: bellemaison

Cookie cutters for alternative biscuits.

image: thinkgeek

A special mold to create skull-shaped eggs.

image: amazon

Transparent stickers to take notes on books that you should not or cannot write in!

image: mochithings

Salt and pepper shaped batteries (you can also see the "charge" level!).

image: gotofurniture

A very practical "Digital Spoon Scale".

image: flashsteals

A handheld portable toaster!

image: pinterest

Cloud-shaped flower pot irrigation system.

image: aliexpress

The lamp that "pours" light.

A shoulder strap for an injured arm that also explains the dynamics of the accident!

image: biphenyl

A sink plug in the form of goldfish.

image: pinterest

A whale-shaped colander.

image: perpetualkid

Rocking chair with a baby crib and a chair for mum.

image: ontwerpduo

Cupcake molds shaped like pants.

image: amazon.com

A Polaroid camera shaped toilet roll holder!

image: modcloth

A truck-shaped taco holder

image: fancy

This gun shoots sauces.

image: thinkgeek

A spoon holder for pots.

image: trudeaucorp

A flexible mold for desserts.

image: pinterest

A watermelon and melon slicer!

image: hitshop

A wall light that looks like a corner of the wallpaper is peeling!

image: yoy-idea

A specific fork to be used with spaghetti.

image: relogik

Lego-shaped molds for candies and chocolates.

Cute hedgehog-shaped container for cotton swabs.

image: pinterest

Attachable spout to easily pour liquids.

A dinosaur-shaped serving platter (its short arms keep it from grabbing your cookies and crackers!).

image: pinterest

A tea infuser in the shape of a manatee.

image: modcloth

Salt and pepper shakers that look like snow globes.

image: amazon

Laser beam lamp.

image: groupon

Chemistry lab spice and oil rack.

image: thinkgeek

A fake ice cream cone doorstop.

image: amazon

Lamp with a lovely play of shadows.

image: pinterest

"Honey I'm Home" key holder.

image: souramagazine

Magic wand salt and pepper shakers.

image: arthur-xin

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