The most exhilarating things that people found upon returning home! -
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The most exhilarating things that people…
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The most exhilarating things that people found upon returning home!


After a long and busy day, we all hope to return home and enjoy a salubrious and well-deserved rest, perhaps with the complicity of our family members (human or animal).

For some, however, it is precisely the return home that reserves more surprises! Whether it's a particularly over-the-top partner or a dog that likes to make trouble, sometimes you really have to expect just about anything.

Here is a small photo gallery of curious situations that have been discovered just by entering the front door!

1. "My wife is a contortionist, and today when I came back home --- I found her like this!"

image: imgur



3. "It had been a very bad day until I came back home and I saw this scene in the window'."

4. No comments required!


image: imgur

6. "Help me! I'm dissolving!"

7. "Living with a woman! I would just like to wash my hands but which one is the soap for hands?"


8. The happiest person in the world ...

9. Oh, well.....It's only a snake that is taking a bath in my sink ...


10. The most interesting and intellectual dog in the world

11. When you've been out for too long, and your cat's expression lets you know it!

12. Someone needs help right away ...

13. "I came home and found this. By the way, I don't own a cat."

14. "I left the door open and I found him."

image: imgur

15. "I can explain, it's not as it seems!"

16. Her roommates always steal her liquor, so she has found this solution! Since they never clean, they will never find the bottles!

17. "My girlfriend could not find her dog for hours!"

18. "Sorry, honey!" :(

19. When you come home, open the curtains, and are immediately enchanted!

image: imgur

20. A hot shower is a cure-all after a long day ...

image: imgur

21. "Did you really think I wouldn't see you?"

22. "I came home yesterday and I saw this ---- I married the right woman."

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May 21, 2014

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