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20+ photos of cats doing the type of…
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20+ photos of cats doing the type of things cat owners are well acquainted with!

January 29, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you love to post photos on social media and you have a pet cat at home, then you can be sure to always have something fun to share on the Internet!

Cats, in fact, are very mischievous and know more tricks than the devil and their pranks are often so hilarious that their owners are overcome with the desire to show them to all their friends. The photos below are some of the funniest photos that cat owners have ever posted online.

From the cat who sleeps in the same position that a human being would assume to the feline that is on a diet but just cannot stop eating --- here is a smorgasbord for your eyes of captured images that no doubt will make you smile!

A bad day.

"Albert, the cat is in a very bad mood. In fact, Albert was shaved and he was forced to wear the cone of shame. Albert, the cat is not having a good day."

Very interesting ... what do they see under the lampshade besides the lightbulb?

"The most interesting lamp in the world, according to these five cats, a stuffed pig animal toy, and the two men on television."


Next stop, Camelot!

"Onward, noble steed!"

You will not pass easily.

"This morning I woke up and found my cats guarding my basement like this ..."


"My buddy dressed up as his cat for Halloween. Look at the cat's face ...'


My cat is actually a little man hiding in a cat suit ...

Even enemies come together for protection when it comes to committing serious crimes!

"I haven't found what they broke yet ..."


I just wanted to look at the world upside down ...


He was afraid of never seeing his favorite blanket again!

"I put his favorite blanket in the washing machine. He sat like this for at least half an hour."


Cats always find the most absurd places to relax, don't you think so too?

"My cat scared the piss out of me today!"

"What are you doing?"

"I was installing a new sink then I looked up ..."

We all know that being on a diet is not easy at all!

"I put my cat on a timed feeder to try to help him lose some weight. He sleeps like this now."

Here is how to face the difficulties of life!

"I aspire to be as calm as this cat when things are falling apart around me."

Cats are experts at doing senseless things ...

"My cat is an idiot but adorable <3"

This cat seems to be saying, "I know very well what you have done and I'm giving you a chance to tell me!"

"My neighbor's cat regularly comes over to disapprove of us."

Boo! Did I scare you?

"Look at me, I'm the fish meow!"

As is the owner so is the cat!

"My father and his best buddy."

But there is another me in that picture!

"Our cat is very confused by our new picture."

How many times do I have to tell you to knock before entering?

"I accidentally interrupted a meeting between my three cats."

Today he decided to be a vegetable ...

"Do not ask questions, I'm a plant."

The secret life of animals ...

"We are doomed. The cats have joined forces."

When your parents inform you that there will soon be a family dinner ...

"Hey guys, we're getting a dog! Isn't that great?"

Today, the cat has taken command of the TV remote control ...

"Go ahead.....try to grab it."

The royal sphinx!

"Look at me. I'm the Sphinx meow!"

"A pigeon got into our house today. My cat Troy has a different method of hunting ..."

Real cats do not watch the explosions!

"Gangster cat walking away after causing havoc!"

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