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30 photos that you cannot look at and…
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30 photos that you cannot look at and not smile if you have a cat at home!

December 14, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The life of a cat owner does not know routine nor does a cat owner need to establish habits!

What makes every day different are the cats themselves, that with their endless fantasy, invent every day a way to make their owner's experience strong feelings, which are also sometimes conflicting.

If you are dealing with a feline, then you will not be able to keep from laughing at the following photos that some users have uploaded to the Internet!

Any day on a bus in Istanbul.

image: cagedragehere

Please caress me and give me a little pampering ...

image: captainbrave6

Our neighbor's cat stops by every day to see our cat so that they can play together.

image: franwalker26

Staring at the lamp is more interesting for these five cats than playing with the soft toys or watching the two men on television!

They both look guilty but I still have not discovered the damage they have done!

image: operationnos

My father does not sit in the most comfortable chair because he does not want to make the cat hate him ...

image: humorr

Hey! Open this window! Don't you see there's a hungry bear behind me !?

image: AlsBoy

Setting off to conquer the world ...

image: Meg Frank

A way to keep a cat downstairs? Engage an army of dinosaurs that look ready to attack.

image: jgrear13

Our neighbor's cat comes by to look in our window and stare at us to communicate his disapproval.

image: Jonathan8888

A decidedly angry cat!

image: 1Voice1Life

This is the way my blind kitten informs me that he has finished the water in his bowl.

image: krissmith1154

Here is my grandmother's cat photographed in one of its best moments.

image: 12840473

A rainy day at the window.

image: Indominuscami

Goodbye Mufasa ... Now I am the king!

image: RobertMax555

It's ok... today I feel like a plant.

image: urbinsanity

Apparently, I am late for my date with my cat.

image: Seethruvinyl

My cat simply loves autumn.

Of all the many places where my cat can rest in our house, he chooses the egg carton on top of the eggs!

image: leetabix

I missed my plane just to take this baby kitten back home!

image: Send_Nuudles

My sister has adopted a kitten and her cat seems to have accepted it!

My cat does not bring me mice or birds, just tea bags.

image: MyCatIsFamous

If there is a strange place to rest, cats will find it.

image: NotALurker321

I understand two things since I have brought this kitten home: (1) that he has found a friend and (2) that now my dog ​​no longer has its own bed!

image: todontblink

Out in the wild camping with my cat.

My cat has to hold my hand while he sleeps.

image: Nevinas

His name is Oliver and he has hands instead of cat paws!

image: lret15

Returning home, I found this cute scene in front of my eyes.

image: GGslash

I was browsing on Google Maps and I took a look at my neighborhood and found a captured image of my cat during one of his crazy moments ...

image: RosieParker91

The tough badass cats do not look back at the explosion!

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