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20 Photo Images That Would Not Have…
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20 Photo Images That Would Not Have Been Captured If Taken A Second Later


While looking at a picture taken at a certain moment has it ever occurred to you that, if you had taken that same picture even a few seconds later, it would not have captured the same image?

Well, we want to talk about this today, that essential and perfect moment when these photographs were immortalized. 

Perhaps they were absurd coincidences or the skill of the photographer, but you are still about to see 20 photographs that demonstrate how the moment truly makes the difference, that allowed them to seize an exhilarating and unique instant!

Exactly the moment right before he gets swallowed up by a wave!

A fireman or an angel who has come down to earth?


An interesting animal hybrid --- when a parrot meets a deer.

A magic prism of rainbow light creates a psychedelic kitten ...

Flying birds create and give life to a face


It is this an advertising stunt?

An anthropomorphic creature! It looks like an eagle, but instead of claws, it has hands!


A child becomes Minnie!

image: Imgur

The frog takes possession of the scene and here is the result!


The clash between a wave and a stone that seems to become a sculpture!

image: Imgur

Aragorn lends his face to a young reader ...

We can already imagine the sensation when he hits that water!

The bride kisses ... the shark!

A cloud that pretends to be a fish!

Really strange headgear

A halo appears by magic ...

A horse ... coming out of another horse's mouth?!

A woman or an angel with her wings spread?

Coincidence dictates that at that very moment the funeral car is being towed away!

And finally ... there are faces everywhere!

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