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A man adopts an abandoned male puppy…
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A man adopts an abandoned male puppy but after several months it turns out to be a wolf


This is one of those stories that you really need to believe in destiny to be able to understand.

How else to explain the encounter and the birth of a friendship between a young man and a very special dog?

The story begins like many others, with the young man bringing home a puppy that had been abandoned in the street.

Between them, a strong bond was established, but it was destined to change over time. Here's why ...

This beautiful puppy was found inside a cardboard box and the young man who found it felt that it was his responsibility to save it.

It was in this manner that the little puppy became a part of the young man's life. However, almost immediately, the young man became aware of having to do with a puppy dog that was different from other dogs.


In fact, Neo, that is the name that the dog was given, could not adapt to domestic home life. He answered his calls of nature everywhere in the house and commanded attention by howling.

Once he had grown up he started to escape from his owner. He always managed to find a way to jump over the fence and roam around alone in the woods.

No longer able to tolerate the situation, the young man asked for help from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.


One of the members of the Human Society told the young man that Neo was not an ordinary dog ​​...

Neo was a cross between a wolf and a dog, and this was the reason he did not behave like any other ordinary dog.


Just like a dog, Neo was very affectionate to his pack leader (the young man) but was very distrustful of all the others.

Unfortunately, Neo has been removed from what was up to then his home, because he was a danger to the neighbors as well as the fact that he himself did not benefit from such an environment. He was transferred to an animal association in California called Wolf Connection, where he will be trained to be gradually reintroduced into nature. Neo's instinctive and wild component was so prevalent in his nature that it did not leave room for any other solutions. 

Soon Neo will be ready to live in full freedom, socializing with the members of the pack and respecting human beings!

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