The 15 golden rules of the Montessorian…
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The 15 golden rules of the Montessorian method that should never be forgotten

October 29, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

At the center of the Montessori Method of education, there is the child's freedom. In fact, before Maria Montessori, but in some ways even after her, children were considered to be empty vessels that had to be filled up from the outside, especially by adults.

Children were conceived as little adults, and so they were educated. Instead, the Montessorian method leaves the child all the space necessary for expressing their personality and learning autonomously.

It also establishes "boundaries" for parents who should in no way interfere with this growth process. Here are the 15 golden rules that every parent should keep in mind.

The 15 golden rules of the Montessorian method that every parent should keep in mind.

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  1. Educate by example! Rules have no value if they are not accompanied by the appropriate actions. 

  2. Criticize your children only when it is really needed, but never do it in public. Otherwise, they will become frustrated adults and always ready to give negative judgments. 

  3. Compliment them when they do something positive so that they will feel gratified and learn the value of things. 

  4. Try not to be angry with them because if they grow up in a litigious environment, they will tend to always quarrel with others.

  5. Do not ever ridicule them, you will damage their self-esteem more than you can imagine. 

  6. Have confidence in their skills and in this way they will develop a sense of responsibility and cultivate their self- esteem. 

  7. Do not underestimate them, otherwise, they will become insecure adults and incapable of acting

  8. Take some time to listen to their thoughts and their opinions. 

  9. Give them all the love you can because it is only by growing up feeling loved will they succeed in finding love in the world. 

10. Do not ever talk badly about them when you think they are not listening to what you are saying, because they are in fact, listening. 

11. Give children time to express their social and emotional skills. It is the duty of the parents to pay attention to this.  

12. Do not ignore them. By giving them the confidence that you will listen to them, they will learn to wait for their turn. 

13. Children have the right to make a mistake without being condemned for this. 

14. Leave them alone. Do not feel obliged to always intervene in every situation, even if what will follow is a mistake. 

15. Address them always with respect and kindness and they will learn to do the same with others.


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