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How to quickly eliminate a bothersome fishbone stuck in your throat!

October 30, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Normally, when we begin to eat fish, we say (or we hear someone say): "Be careful, because it has been cleaned but some fishbones may still have escaped."

In fact, unfortunately, the likelihood that you end up swallowing one is high.  So high, that for this reason there are many people who prefer to avoid eating fish entirely.

What to do when this happens and a fishbone remains stuck in our throat?

There are diverse solutions --- let's discover all of them.

From eating delicious dish to having a ... fishbone stuck in your throat! What can we do when we swallow one?

1. Cough. This is the first defense that the body puts into action. Cough hard and try to exaggerate this action so as to return the fishbone to your mouth.

image: vimeo.com

2. Olive oil. If coughing hard does not work, try swallowing a tablespoon of olive oil. This will lubricate your esophagus and help the fishbone to slide down into your stomach.

image: pixabay.com

3. Drink warm salted water. Take a sip of lukewarm and slightly salty water. Swallowing this liquid will transport the fishbone downward.

4. Eat a marshmallow. This gummy and spongy candy, when eaten, will pull and carry the fishbone that is stuck in your throat downward when you swallow.


5. Banana. Chew a piece of banana for a long time, then swallow it in one decisive gulp. The consistency of the chewed banana helps to eliminate the discomfort caused by the fishbone.

6. A piece of bread has always been an effective remedy for accidentally swallowed fishbones. If it is possible, first soak the bread in warm milk, before eating it.

image: Joy | Flickr

7. Vinegar. Among old wives tales, there is a remedy that recommends drinking vinegar diluted with water. This should be tried when nothing seems to work and all else has failed!

The ones we have listed are the most common and used methods to try to transport downward into the stomach any fishbones that are stuck in the esophagus. Usually, however, when the discomfort is mild you forget about the fishbone and it goes down by itself. But if the discomfort persists and obstructs the eating as well as the swallowing process, then we advise you to go to a doctor.

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