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Discover how to easily keep your bathroom…
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Discover how to easily keep your bathroom in order and functional!

October 06, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The bathroom is a very important home environment especially since this is where every morning our daily routine begins! Therefore, it is essential that everything is practical, in order, and functional. 

Besides bathroom furnishings, there are some other ideas and tips that can help you improve your bathroom and customize it to fit your lifestyle!

Here are some economical and easy to do ideas that will help you take your bathroom to the next level from both the practical and the aesthetic point of view! 

1. A new way to hang bathroom towels.

Here is a detailed description of how to make this bathroom towel hanger.

2. Solid wooden shelves on which to place extra towels and other bath items.

image: edeasmith

What are you waiting for to create them too?


3. Hang wicker baskets to hold soaps and towels.

image: ourfifthhouse

Here is where to find all the details about this easy and practical idea.

4. A cloth covered magnetic makeup board helps keep your makeup in order and easily accessible!

image: auntpeaches

To achieve this you will need to paste a small magnet on the back of the makeup products.  Pretty cool, right? Learn how to make your own!

5. To efficiently dose toothpaste you can apply a soap dispense, once it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Here is the video that shows you how to make a toothpaste dispenser!


6. Attach a document holder inside a bathroom cabinet door and you will have extra space for many bathroom objects!

What a practical idea! Why hadn't we thought of this before!? You can copy this idea now! 

7. A very economical shelf made from a wooden pallet.

image: etsy

All of this, from just one wooden pallet, isn't this just genius


8. Have you ever thought about exploiting the space above the doors? Do it by installing a simple shelf.

Here is where to find an infinity of other tricks for the practical bathroom decor!

9. If you do not want to leave everything in plain sight, place baskets on the shelves and then you can put whatever you want inside the baskets without renouncing order!

Follow these instructions to understand how to organize your own baskets!


10. To make the most of the space you have, you can create multiple shelves.

image: pregnantpower

11. You just need a wooden plank, glass jars (mason jars), and thin metal strips to create this very useful and practical way to keep things organized.

To create it you really do not need much! 

12. Attach hooks inside the doors to have all the electrical appliances used in the bathroom at your fingertips.

Do you want more information? Take a look here.

13.One shelf -- many different uses! You can create a towel rail and a shelf with a single cabinet.

image: makelyhome

An unusual idea --- to find out more, visit this page.

14. To keep metal objects in order such as tweezers, scissors, and bobby pins, etc. just attach a magnetic bar to a wall.

This may seem like a banal or trivia idea but it is also highly practical!

15. These nice baskets can contain towels, toilet paper, and various other kinds of items, thereby helping to keep the bathroom neat.

To find out more, visit the blog.

16. Decorate with elegant labels glass jars that contain cotton, makeup remover cotton disks, and various bathroom product samples.

An elegant and stylish way to organize and store everyday items in the bathroom.

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