An apparently simple math problem ...
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An apparently simple math problem ...

October 12, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A short math problem always attracts attention because it immediately activates our desire to challenge ourselves or that of competing with others. 

There are some who enjoy short math problems because they look simple, but then they cannot help but admit that they have fallen into the trap that the creator had intended for us, --- just like the one that we propose now! 

In any case, try to solve it and remember our clue --- there are two elements of distraction.

image: Guardachevideo.it

You have probably added the figures one after the other, then you have solved the multiplication and finally added the last unit, right? 

What result did you get? 

If the answer is not 30, you are wrong! 

Yes, you are wrong! Now we are going to explain why! The first element of distraction was the particular arrangement of the numbers. In fact, at the end of each line, there is no + sign or separation, so the last digit of the first and second series of numbers should be seen as joined to the first of the next line (so the number to consider was 11, twice). 

The second element of distraction was the multiplication by zero --- it focuses on that action and result alone and ignores the previous numerical framework. 

Try to do the math problem again now that the two distractions have been identified and explained and you will see that the result will be exactly 30. 

Or maybe someone was able to locate the distraction traps and arrive at the correct solution, right away?

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