A cautionary tale about energy drinks!

by Shirley Marie Bradby

September 19, 2017

A cautionary tale about energy drinks!

Making mistakes is an important part of the growth process of a human being because through mistakes a person acquires experiences that will accompany him/her for life.

The task of parents is to ensure that the severity of these errors does not exceed the limit of danger, and in this regard, parent-child communication can be crucial. 

Sometimes, however, it is really difficult to protect children from seemingly innocuous behaviors that, without realizing it, endanger their lives. Like in Lanna Hamann's case.

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The young girl is described by everyone as a cheerful and a nature lover, always engaged in sports, friendships, and travel. It was during her last trip to Mexico, however, that her young life was taken away. 

While she was with her friends at a beach, Lanna had a heart attack from which she did not recover despite the efforts of paramedics.

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Her family has obviously been devastated, especially because the death of a girl so full of life and health seemed absolutely inexplicable. In fact, in order to shed light on the incident, an autopsy was performed. 

The girl, as expected, was found healthy, but there were some particular substances in her body. It was discovered, to the enormous regret of her parents, that Lanna had regularly consumed energy drinks (like many of her peers), and that she had ingested one of them shortly before dying.

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As the cardiologist Jack Wolfson subsequently explained, there is obviously not a direct cause-effect relationship between ingesting an energy drink and her death. However, repeated use of this substance greatly elevates the levels of sugar and caffeine in the body, with negative consequences on blood pressure.

Therefore, her parents cannot be certain that the accident could not have been avoided: they will always remain with the doubt that if their daughter had ingested less energy drinks, maybe she could have been saved.

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Expressing all our condolences to the family struck by such a tragedy, we also wanted to spread their story to make parents and children everywhere more aware of the importance of moderation. 

The world around us always lures us with temptations at low cost, some seemingly innocuous. Allowing some vices is not a drama, but exaggerating can lead to unexpected consequences.