Bee stings can be deadly to your pet! Be careful! -
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Bee stings can be deadly to your pet!…
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Bee stings can be deadly to your pet! Be careful!

September 20, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Whether it is mice, a lizard, or a bee, when a cat enters hunting mode, it is really hard to distract it. 

In this gallery, we show you some cats who have hunted bees and wasps and fallen victim to their painful stings! The pictures may look funny but remember that these episodes can be as dangerous to cats as they are to humans.

 In these cases, fortunately, there were no further unpleasant consequences ...


image: marklyon


image: sweetoldetc


image: Fiaxko






image: frazdt


image: Goldiefish94




image: nm_taylor









image: dan1980

Remember! If your cat (or dog) gets stung by an insect and the part that has been stung begins to swell, it is a good idea to immediately get in touch with a veterinarian and try to pull out the stinger (do not pinch skin around the stinger but help extract it with a pair of tweezers or by gently "scratching" it out.

If the stinger is located on or in the throat, instead, the advice is to reach the stinger and remove it as quickly as possible to keep your pet from choking and suffocating which can cause death.

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