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Lots of new devices for young children…
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Lots of new devices for young children and their parents!


Once grandmothers managed to get by with a few things and still their children never lacked for anything! In those days, there was not a lot of advanced technology or modern conveniences, and parents had jobs that were definitely more challenging.

Today, fortunately, modernity comes to our aid and offers us a myriad of devices and objects that help a child grow better and mom and dad to enjoy their children's childhood more.

Here are the ones, that are for us, the most brilliant!

1. A crib for the baby and a chair for mom.

image: ontwerpduo

2. To warm the baby with parental body heat!


3. To protect the baby and save water.

image: amazon

4. An extra space and place for a newborn baby.


5. A special extension to allow everyone to use the bathroom faucet.

image: Aqueduck

6. A portable child's seat and toy box, all in one!

image: amazon

7. A comfy pillow for both before and after!

image: amazon

8. To take advantage of every moment to get some exercise!

image: amazon

9. A waterproof storage pocket that contains very useful items.

image: amazon

10. The first stroller you put in your bag!

image: amazon

11. Using a baby food dispensing spoon means zero juice waste!

image: booninc

12. Adjustable headband visor shower hat to protect the baby's eyes.

image: Dragonpad

13. Washable chalkboard placemats

14. Plate to invite the little ones to eat and play at the same time.

image: uncommongoods

15. A food plate/bowl that cannot be tilted therefore no food can fall out!

image: amazon

16. Bath mat for babies

image: bloomingbath

17. Footholds to carry children safely.

image: amazon

18. A mattress designed for sleeping with infants safely.

image: familybed

19. Multipurpose benches.

20. Modular shelving systems

image: pin-pres
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