With these household hacks --- 13 is…
The mystery of plastic number codes revealed here and now! One little mistake by a thief and one big win for a MMA wrestler!

With these household hacks --- 13 is your lucky number!

August 15, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The following 13 household hacks are great tips to keep in mind the next time you need to clean your home.

If you are not satisfied with your current methods of polishing faucets, furniture, and mirrors, perhaps you will be after you become familiar with these household hacks.

Many of them use completely natural ingredients and do not require the use of additional chemicals. In fact, this is another good reason to take them into consideration!

1. Cleaning the microwave oven

Pour some dish detergent soap on a kitchen sponge, and squeeze it to make it foam. Put the sponge in the microwave for 30 seconds. In this way, the oven will undergo a first cleaning and afterward all stains will be removed more easily. Not only that, the sponge will also be sterilized and all odors eliminated.

2. Cleaning a mattress

image: epimg

Pour some sodium bicarbonate on the mattress. Leave it for a few hours and then remove with a special brush for carpets. All stains and bad smells will go away! This technique also works on sofas.


3. Cleaning a wooden cutting board

image: los40

The combination of salt and lemon is perfect for cleaning the surface of the wood chopping board. Sprinkle the surface with salt, rub it with half a lemon, and then rinse the chopping board in hot water.

4. Cleaning a toaster

With the help of a toothbrush head, you can completely remove crumbs and dirt from every corner of the toaster.

5. Cleaning the bottom of an iron

image: fiberosity

Make sure there is no water inside the iron and the steam function has been disabled. Then pour salt on a sheet of oven paper (or any other heat-resistant paper). Set the iron to the maximum temperature and pass it over the salt. This will be enough to eliminate all dirt from the bottom of the iron.


6. Keeping silverware clean.

image: bashny

Wrap a stick of chalk in a piece of gauze and place it in a tray of silverware. This will prevent silverware from getting spots and keep it shiny.

7. Cleaning faucets

Rub a piece of parchment baking paper on all the faucets in the house and they will stay clean remaining stainless for a longer period of time.


8. Remove grease stains from clothing

image: pinimg

To remove grease stains from clothing, rub a piece of chalk on the affected area. Let the chalk soak in for a few minutes then proceed with normal washing in a washing machine.

9. Cleaning Venetian blinds

You can do the job of cleaning Venetian blinds in a few minutes with this hack --- just put your hand in an old sponge sock and rub it over each slat to clean them.


10. Cleaning pans

image: marthastewart

To clean pans, it is best to use salt! Just let it soak on the bottom of the pan for a few minutes, then rub it with your fingertips, and rinse with warm water.

11. Removing carpet stains

image: homemakerchic

In a spray bottle pour two parts of water and one of vinegar. Spray the mix directly onto the carpet and place a damp cloth on the stain. Then take the iron, put it on the steam setting, and iron the damp cloth for 30 seconds. Goodbye, stains!

12. Cleaning sink drains

Pour baking soda on an old toothbrush, and use it to clean the inside of the drain. Finish by placing lemon slices over the drain opening before rinsing it with hot water.

13. Cleaning glass windows

image: mom4real

Wash windows as you would normally but dry them with an old newspaper and they will stay cleaner and without spots for much longer.

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