Here is how to stay in a park longer ... -
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Here is how to stay in a park longer…
Is what you see.... who you are?! No matter what --- we must follow our hearts!

Here is how to stay in a park longer ...


The best things always end too soon, such as a walk in the park! This video clip was filmed in Australia where we see a cute and capricious dog got the best of its owner.

In the video, we see that the man lets his dog know that it is time to go home but the dog obviously does not want to know anything about leaving the park!

In the end, the dog comes up with a tactic that will allow him to stay a little while longer in the park --- just pretend to be dead! 

Tags: AnimalsFunnyDogs

The dog who REALLY wasn't ready to leave just yet . . . . . . Jukin Media Certified Find this video and others like it by visiting For licensing / permission to use, please email

Pubblicato da Kristen Bohlsen su Domenica 6 agosto 2017

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