Discover how to make a Ziploc Omelette! -
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Discover how to make a Ziploc Omelette!
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Discover how to make a Ziploc Omelette!

July 12, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Start with a plastic Ziploc freezer bag that stores frozen food.  The Ziploc bag must be durable and hermetically sealed. Having said that, please understand that this recipe is as easy as child's play and the results are incredible. 

First, get a plastic Ziploc bag, break the eggs into the Ziploc bag and shake the bag to stir the eggs. Next, open the bag and add all the ingredients for your omelette and immerse the plastic Ziploc bag in hot water and let it cook until done. You do not believe it?! Well, just watch the video ...

Tags: Curious KitchenFood

Zip-omelette... un sac de congélation pour cuire une omelette ? c'est possible ! :)

Pubblicato da ChefClub su Giovedì 29 giugno 2017

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