You can go from zero to a full head of hair in seconds! -
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You can go from zero to a full head…
Discover six very clever and useful kitchen hacks! Cutting off his beard was only the first step ...

You can go from zero to a full head of hair in seconds!


Quiff & Co is a small business that has developed a truly impressive remedy for baldness. No, we are not talking about miracles, we are talking about a customized hairpiece sold at retail prices.

Quiff & Co has developed a very particular type of product made entirely from 100% human hair! Moreover, when each hairpiece is being created several considerations are taken into account such as the size of the person's head, the hair color, and whatever else contributes to providing a very high degree of customization.

Each piece is made up of about 11,000 hand-sewn strands of hair and should be changed every six weeks.

Currently, Quiff & Co. has only created hairpieces for men but they are also thinking of developing hairpieces for women as well. 

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