Finding lots of love and laughter on…
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Finding lots of love and laughter on their wedding day! <3 :) <3

February 20, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

One of the best moments of the wedding is when the groom finally sees his future wife after being separated for awhile. In fact, tradition dictates that during the time before the wedding ceremony the groom should not see his future wife in any way whatsoever! 

Therefore, emotions are high, not only due to the fact that they have been separated but most of all because the bride will appear for the first time in her white wedding dress.
Or at least this is what almost always happens! However, this time, in this video we witness a crazy exception! In fact, the bride has decided to surprise her soon-to-be husband ... by wearing a T-Rex dinosaur costume! The man's face -- when he turns around is a must see!

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