Witness! This dad is no slouch in the…
This DIY bowling alley is absolutely astonishing! Powerful Disc and Chain Trenchers get the job done! Wow!

Witness! This dad is no slouch in the hair department! :)

February 19, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Mothers are usually responsible for getting children ready for school every day, especially when it comes to girls.

However, this is just what commonly occurs, but it is certainly not a fixed rule! This is why we should not be surprised if we find out that in some cases, it is the father who actually takes care of styling his daughter's hair and preparing her for school. 

As a matter of fact, just look at this young man and how lovingly he creates a different look for his daughter's hair every day! What a great dad!

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So adorable <3 By: @icemikeloveasia

Pubblicato da MetDaan su Lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

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