Experts warn: Washing raw chicken before cooking it can promote bacterial contamination -
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Experts warn: Washing raw chicken before…
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Experts warn: Washing raw chicken before cooking it can promote bacterial contamination


In the kitchen, bad habits can lead to very serious problems both for those who are in the kitchen and is for those who eat the food that is prepared.   

Cooking is not a game and taking this task lightly can be very dangerous! It is essential to pay attention and make sure that there is no mold on the food and to provide for its proper storage preservation and storage.
Among the incorrect habits, there is one that is very widespread. Namely, that of washing the raw chicken before cooking. The reason why it is put under running water is the general idea that in this way the excess fat from the skin is eliminated, or to the belief that it eliminates any dirt that might be present. Nothing could be more wrong, raw chicken should never be washed in order to avoid unpleasant consequences ...

Washing raw chicken does not eliminate pathogenic bacteria, rather it is a way to facilitate bacterial contamination. Here is why ...

Chicken meat is different from that of the cow or calf, and not only for its nutritional properties. The main difference is the fact that this white meat comes from a bird and not from a mammal.
In fact, birds are immune to many bacteria that instead are harmful and even fatal to humans which include the tetanus bacteria (Clostridium), salmonella and campylobacter. These pathogenic bacteria are present on raw foods, so it is good to handle them with care in the moments before they are cooked.  High temperatures make these foods that naturally contain bacteria edible and free of any risk.

Washing raw chicken means that all the bacteria is scattered and spread all over the sink and nearby kitchen counters! and kitchen counters near it. helves next to it, all the bacteria content in chicken meat.

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Putting raw meat under a jet of water is very dangerous as well as unnecessary! Washing does not kill bacteria in any way! It can, however, spread the so-called disease, campylobacteriosis, an infection that manifests itself in less severe cases with fever, diarrhea, and vomiting, but it can also degenerate into more serious diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and the Guillain-Barré Syndrome. 

However, what are most disturbing are the data obtained from an interview conducted by the FSA, the British Government agency responsible for food safety. Two-fifths of the chefs polled say they routinely wash raw chicken before preparation. 

Splashing water coming into contact with raw chicken meat can land on utensils, work surfaces and contaminate other items or foods nearby! Just think that you unintentionally contaminate the sink where later you will wash the salad. 

What are the right steps to be taken when cooking raw chicken at home? First of all, put the chicken in the pot it is to be cooked in, then be sure to wash your hands and any tools used. 

It is very important to know also that bacteria like salmonella are present also on eggs and seafood. Therefore, the same precautions must also be taken. 

Many people are unaware of how dangerous and wrong it is to wash raw chicken in the sink! Share this post to spread this important information. 

Here's the publicity spot broadcast in Britain during the campaign for the prevention of bacterial contamination resulting from washing raw chicken ...

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