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A clever idea for a hanging photo holder!
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A clever idea for a hanging photo holder!


Do you want to decorate your room with your favorite photographs but do not want to use conventional photo holders?

Here is a great idea for you! Make a delightful hanging photo holder using wooden embroidery hoops! In this way, you can move your photo holder from one place to another and replace the photos whenever you like.

First select the photos you would like to hang and proceed like this:
- get yourself three wooden embroidery hoops of different sizes, mini wooden clothespins, a tube of glue, and a ball of baling twine;
- arrange the three embroidery hoops within each other according to size;
- Use the glue to attach the mini clothespins around the embroidery hoops;
- Use the baling twine to tie the three embroidery hoops together;
- Attach the photos to the mini clothespins and . . . hang your photo holder wherever you like!

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