The most adorable rant ever ... with a delightful ending! -
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The most adorable rant ever ... with…
A man and his faithful friend will make you smile ... Three simple ingredients for a great snack!

The most adorable rant ever ... with a delightful ending!

October 02, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you are still not convinced that every child should grow up in the company of a pet, this video is a very clear example of what a pet dog is willing to put up with . . . in your place!

You will admit that sometimes being able to take a five-minute break from the job of being a parent can be a great relief! This is when having a dog comes into play because a pet will patiently  "listen to" any emotional outburst a child may need to display about whatever is bothering them, just like this child who appears to be very angry ...

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