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A man and his faithful friend will make…
A girl takes a shower at the beach and gets PRANKED! The most adorable rant ever ... with a delightful ending!

A man and his faithful friend will make you smile ...

October 02, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In Australia, in all the areas close to the coast, the population of kangaroos is quite extensive (and growing!). Therefore, the probability of encountering one is actually quite high, but what would you say if one of them decides to follow you essentially everywhere you go, and to make you its guardian?

You may find yourself living like the main character in this video who is followed EVERYWHERE -- from the supermarket to the workplace -- by this little female kangaroo named Damien! The little kangaroo really seems to have become quite attached to her guardian and does not intend to lose sight of him!

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