Teenager decides to follow a vegan diet and expects everyone in the house to do so too: her father disagrees

Following a vegan diet is an admirable thing to do. Respecting animals by giving up eating them is something that not many can do, and those who follow such a lifestyle often have a strong aversion to being…

A Delicious Artichoke Savory Pie (Tart) recipe

If you are looking for a recipe that is not too difficult, but that will definitely be met with favor by any kind of guest, then we have just what you need --- a rich and nutritious artichoke savory pie…

Make your own delicious homemade hummus!

Chickpea hummus is an ancient Middle Eastern recipe that has been for some time making waves in western kitchens, although in its more simplified versions.  To prepare this protein-rich dish that is…

The easiest way to make Cherry Clafoutis!

What we propose is a recipe for Cherry Clafoutis, a French dessert that stands out for its taste and simplicity of preparation.  Begin by extracting the cherry stones using a chopstick and a bottle,…

Super Easy to make --- Frozen Banana Ice Cream!

This recipe will not require any extra effort, only the energy to eat it! Not kidding! It is a great snack or an easy dessert especially because it can be served with any of its optional toppings. Take…
Cakes Food Veggie

Discover a delicious Couscous Salad-to-Go!

A fresh salad is one of the fastest and tastiest meals that can be made quickly, and if it is seasoned well, it will never be boring and never sit heavy in the stomach. What we propose today is a fast…
Food Useful Veggie

Crispy potatoes cooked without oil! Absolutely delicious!

Are you tired of eating those French fries dripping with oil that will remain in your stomach all night? Do you no longer want to fry potatoes because to get rid of the smell you have to keep the windows…

Discover a pasta recipe that makes your mouth water!

Pasta is a dish to which it is very difficult to say no, especially when it is presented in such a rich and creamy recipe as in this case. This version with cream, radicchio, and walnuts, that we present,…
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