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According to this scientific research study, dogs are able to recognize a "bad" person

Have you ever wondered why your dog is particularly agitated or even aggressive with certain people? If you think about it, you will surely remember that you usually end up blaming your four-legged friend…

Around Venice

But this time on a drone ... The BlackSheep team go around Venice with a drone remote-controlled, providing never before seen images.

A teacher begins to undress standing on her desk: What she does is ... very instructive! :)

What you see is not the usual school scandal video denouncing or highlighting some further degradation of our modern day school system! No, this is an original method of teaching created by Debby Heerkens,…

The monkey with an very impressive memory

This monkey proves to have more developed memory than any human !

What can you do with aluminum foil? Check out these 5 useful hacks !

From culinary use up to Christmas decorations, there are countless ways to use some aluminum foil. In this video you can see, in fact, 5 useful and creative tricks. The last one for example, shows its…
DIY Ideas Science Useful

Universe or Multiverse – and parallel dimensions?!

The world of physics is always buzzing with speculation about the actual size of the universe and the possible existence of other universes different from ours. The theory of the multiverse, in particular,…

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