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How to Make Pop Corn with mobile phones

Radiation does not harm, but can make Pop Corn

Can you easily perform these movements with your hands? You may have Marfan Syndrome!

If you remember, there is a period during our childhood in which were always saying, "Can you do this? And this?"  Well, if you have noticed that besides being able to roll your tongue in every which…

It may seem a normal sculpture, but wait until it starts spinning ... !

These sculptures signed by John Edmark were produced with a 3D printer by following the same parameters with which nature has created sunflowers or pine cones (the famous Fibonacci numbers). Their extraordinary…

Drawing with water

An interesting and effective methodology on how to print designs on three-dimensional objects with water

Here's what happens if you drop a bowling ball and a feather in a vacuum chamber !

The video shows the famous and fascinating experiment of the feather and the bowling ball dropped in a room with no air. If usually the ball would fall very fast compared to the feathers, without air…

24 hour of flight over our heads

Have you ever imagined how much air traffic there is during a full day? Within 24 hours our skies are crossed by more than 93,000 flights taking off and landing from about 9,000 airports. Watch this video…

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