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In the first year of an infant's life, parents lose more than 700 hours of sleep

Those who have children have learned the hard way and at their own expense that, very young babies have the delightful habit of waking up repeatedly during the night.  Although every newborn baby is…

Friendship among women is better than an antidepressant medication ... words from the experts

Friendship is an inestimable treasure: it is the hand stretched out in times of need, the carefree chatter in moments of leisure, and the companionship that never fails even when it is miles away.  If…

The main source of stress for mothers is not their children, but their husbands!

We all know that being a mother is a stressful job. Between taking care of the children, doing the housework, and working outside of the home, it is only at night that you can throw yourself on the bed…

Singing out loud in your car improves your mood and makes you more productive ... words from the experts!

Whether we are stuck in the traffic or simply driving in our car, alone or in the company of others, we often cannot help letting ourselves be captured by the notes of a song on the radio. First, maybe…

Sleeping a lot during the weekend is good for your health and add years to your life

When the weekend arrives, everyone fills it up with a myriad of activities and commitments that they cannot do during the week. But if you are the kind of person who when they think about the weekend…

A study confirms that people who forget things have above average intelligence

A Canadian study has linked two facts that would not seem to have any relation to each other, namely,  the fact of forgetting things and the IQ of a person.  In fact, that would like saying that distracted…

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