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The most insane urban downhill

Definitely a route full of emotions: winding track, steep steps, huge jumps, high speed driving, all surrounded by a large crowd which gathered along the edges of the path. All of this is the Red Bull…

It's simple ... Just do not look down!

Walking on the most dangerous trail of the China mountains.

The most reckless Downhill

The downhill bike more reckless than ever ... Downhill Brazil ...

The crazy descent from the mountain

Extract from the feature film Nuit de la Glisse, 2013, a thrilling ride on a snowboard

This Helicopter jump must be a scary, but crazy experience !!

Even just looking at the video you can't escape the thrill that these people must have felt, when hanging from the helicopter. Immediately after the jump, however, the scare is replaced by the spectacular…

A plunge into the abyss

The base jumping has no boundaries, in this video the underwater version of this extreme sport

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