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This Helicopter jump must be a scary, but crazy experience !!

Even just looking at the video you can't escape the thrill that these people must have felt, when hanging from the helicopter. Immediately after the jump, however, the scare is replaced by the spectacular…

It seems impossible that a car can do all of this

It's hard to believe it watching this car move smoothly on steep snow-covered slopes. This gem is the Nissan GT-R and it is a car designed by Nissan Motor sports coupe with the intention of creating a…

For those afraid of heights, this experience is nothing but a nightmare!

This simple but exciting attraction is located in Denmark and is about 30 meters high. Unlike other similar games, here you don't jump with a rubber band, you don't go upside down, you don't end up in…

Pure madness at the RedBull Valparaiso 2014

A video clip, made ​​with the GoPro, of the Redbull Valparaiso 2014 event show the crazy downhills which are now very famous for being dangerous.

Tightrope walking between two hot air balloons

A rope connecting the two hot air balloons, will they manage to reach the other side?

35 feet bike Jump !

You'll always remember how to ride a bike, but a jump like this one will definitely be UNFORGETTABLE!

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