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Colorado skateboard run at over 100 kph ---it will give you goosebumps!

Some people have decidedly supernatural skills and abilities, and they use them to devote themselves to the so-called extreme sports. This incredible downhill run for example is located in Colorado and…

Professional Wingsuit Flying ---over New York City! It will definitely give you a THRILL!

If you suffer from vertigo, then this video will definitely cause you some problems; in any case, this exciting wingsuit flight will probably also be remembered even by those who think they do not suffer…

Riding waves on his bike: two years of work for a BREATHTAKING result !

Imagine relaxing at the beach away from the noise of the city, when a motorcycle comes pass you riding some waves! Yes, the stuntman Robbie Maddison's took two years to change his bike allowing him to…

Surely you've never seen a flying TRUCK .... at least until TODAY!

Within the extreme acts involving cars, this video is placed at another level. Instead of doing acrobatics with motorcycles or cars at most, this pilot flies with a truck. The effect in seeing it flying…

He goes up a hill with his bike: when he starts to go down, you'll be speechless

If someone were to ask you to associate a music to an extreme sport or stunt, probably you would choose a feisty and energetic tune. In this case, however, the mountain biker Brandon Semenuk chose all…

He goes with his bike on a rollercoaster: what he does is scary!

When it comes to extreme sports, there is almost no limit to what people have in mind to do. It follows that a motorcycle champion as Julien Dupont may decide to go down a scary roller coaster in an amusement…

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