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Taking a ride down from a skyscraper in Dubai! Check it out!

Dubai, a city born from nothing has become one of the most visited destinations in the world! Just think that in less than 40 years, a small fishing village has become a world-class economic power where…

Windsurfing in a HURRICANE! Crazy!? Exhilarating!

Water sports include special categories that only the most expert and prepared athletes and daredevils are able to face. Such is one of the windsurfing competitions organized by Red Bull, called the "Red…

Experience a daredevil mountain bike ride!

Undoubtedly the downhill falls into the category of extreme sports!: how could it be otherwise it down almost without the use of brakes from the top of a mountain while riding a handsome mountain bike?…

A freediver puts his skills to the test!

The man you see in this video is Guillaume Nery, a French freediving athlete specializing in Constant Weight Apnea.  What does it mean? It means that Néry can descend 120 meters below the surface and…

He dives 25 000 ft without a parachute and lands on a net! What a thrill!

Jumping out of an airplane without a parachute? This is exactly what Luke Aikins did to break the world record by diving 25,000 ft (7620 m) in free fall. The American diver, Luke Aikins, jumped out of…

Two men ride the clouds --- what a thrilling spectacle!

Ask any child - but we assure you that this is also true for adults - what is their greatest wish, and most likely they will tell you that they would like to be able to fly! To fly over a city and leave…

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