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A little elephant calf charging tourists

In this video a baby elephant takes courage and tries to charge the tourists' vehicle. Suddenly, however, he has second thoughts and realises that he will have to postpone until he's a bit older. Rather…

Bubble and Bella BOF

Bubbles and Bella, an elephant and a dog tied to a single word: FRIENDSHIP!

The man who takes care of him trips up: the reaction of this elephant gave me goosebumps

Probably we'll always continue to believe that dogs are man's best friend, but we can't ignore that many other animals are able to express affection in the same way. In this case a 17 year old elephant…

An elephant collapses in the middle of the street: the reaction of his family is just AMAZING !

The fact that elephants create deep family is fairly well known, but seeing images like these always leaves me speechless. When this baby elephant, collapses in the middle of the road, several members…

Female elephants rescue a drowning baby

The baby elephant fell in swamp and the mother with the other females of the herd rescued him from certain death

The way in which these elephants rush to help their little one is simply WONDERFUL!

Although these elephants live in a zoo in Switzerland, it's interesting to see the extraordinary cooperation that distinguishes them. Very emotional.

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