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Elephants in an animal park immediately adopt an orphaned elephant!

That elephants have very strong family ties and are willing and able to show affection for each other is by now well known, but to see their loving and protective instinct in action is always exciting.…

An elephant stuck in a mud pit is rescued from certain death!

The young elephant was found by a group of farmers as it was agonizing in a mud pit practically suffocating to death due to the water and thick mud! Fortunately, the young elephant was strong enough…

A tiny elephant plays with a basin full of water --- its antics are hilarious!

Some animals, although they do not live in aquatic environments, are nonetheless, particularly attracted to water. Elephants like to wallow in natural lakes and refresh their body by spraying themselves…

An elephant blocks traffic --- But shortly you will understand why!

Elephants are beautiful and majestic animals, and extremely intelligent. Furthermore, they are known for being dedicated to family members and for showing strong bonds of solidarity to the other members…

Singing a woman approaches an elephant --- See how the animal reacts. . . Wow!

Faamai is an elephant who lives in Thailand in the Elephant Nature Park, which is an ecotourism complex and wildlife sanctuary dedicated to the survival and development of Thai elephants. To take care…

They tie an elephant to a tree! --- Animal abuse?! --- No, far from it! Look what happens next. . .

A baby elephant fell into a water well, and the guardians at the Sera Community Conservancy, which is a vast untouched wildness in Kenya -- managed to save him! So far so good, if it were not for the…

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