These Vegetables Seem Like Something Else --- Would You Have The Courage To Eat Them? -
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These Vegetables Seem Like Something…
Which feather do you prefer? The answer reveals something about your personality! These twins seem to be watching TV but the video that their Mom makes is much more fun!

These Vegetables Seem Like Something Else --- Would You Have The Courage To Eat Them?


This time it is not about having hallucinations and seeing human faces and bodies where in reality there are not!

In fact, in these images, there really is something that is quite unusual and it makes us humanize objects that are actually just fruit and vegetables.

Sometimes, vegetables and fruit can grow into the most bizarre shapes that are so peculiar that they deserve a souvenir photo.

Here is a photo gallery of fruit and vegetables with the strangest forms that have ever been found!

Hey, an owl!

image: imgur

Chorizo bell ​​peppers.

image: imgur

The sheep potato that says, "Baaa".

image: reddit

"Excuse me, can I speak to you for a moment?"

image: reddit

The Bat light!

image: reddit

A relaxing bath before ending up in the pot.

A feathery duck squash!

... And a dragon pumpkin.

A polar bear strawberry!

Even vegetables know how to pose ...

Mr. Eggplant.

One last hug ...

"I have been closed in here for so long that I cannot even remember!"

What is this foot doing here?

A butterfly strawberry!

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