These Kittens Were All Born With Something EXTRA ... -
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These Kittens Were All Born With Something…
Guess what this Corgi dog does for fun?! Witness the ultimate office holiday party trick! Wow!

These Kittens Were All Born With Something EXTRA ...


This woman rescued from the streets, an abandoned and pregnant cat who was also suffering from poor health.

After taking the cat home, the woman took care of her and nursed her back to good health, right up to the moment when the cat gave birth to her kittens.

All went well, and the cat gave birth to healthy kittens! However, a few weeks after their birth the woman noticed something very odd --- all of the kittens were born with more toes than normal! One kitten even had seven toes on each paw! Check it out!

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August 15, 2014

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