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What Happens In The Home Of A Couple In Love? These Nice Cartoons Reveal It!

Regardless of your own sentimental situation, we are prone to imagine the existence of a couple that is always surrounded by love, passion, and the niceties that lovers usually exchange. But what really…

The Pictorial Skills Of These Contemporary Artists Are Simply Spectacular!

It may just be our impression but in recent years hyperrealistic art seems to have experienced a period of increased interest and importance. The artists who dedicate themselves to hyperrealistic painting…

24 Examples Of How Street Art Can Give Life To The Dull And Lifeless Corners Of Cities

Although it is often viewed in an extremely negative way, so-called street art can, in fact, be considered a typically contemporary artistic expression. As well as being a manifestation of an imagination…

Unleash Your Imagination With These Optical Illusion Paintings!

While admiring this series of paintings you cannot help but discern the strong reference and homage to the great masters of Surrealism. The author of these works, however, is a contemporary artist, whose…

Majestic Bronze And Water Sculptures By Malgorzata Chodakowska

Sculpture is an art form that is truly amazing! Just think how from a heavy marble block, the slender and gracious forms of Cupid and Psyche were born in Canova's masterpiece! It is a discipline that…

These Four Contortionists From Russia Are UNBELIEVABLE!

They presented themselves on the stage in costumes that predicted the kind of performance they were going to offer.  As a matter of fact, when they started their contortionist routine, it took them…

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