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Unleash Your Imagination With These Optical Illusion Paintings!

While admiring this series of paintings you cannot help but discern the strong reference and homage to the great masters of Surrealism. The author of these works, however, is a contemporary artist, whose…

Majestic Bronze And Water Sculptures By Malgorzata Chodakowska

Sculpture is an art form that is truly amazing! Just think how from a heavy marble block, the slender and gracious forms of Cupid and Psyche were born in Canova's masterpiece! It is a discipline that…

These Four Contortionists From Russia Are UNBELIEVABLE!

They presented themselves on the stage in costumes that predicted the kind of performance they were going to offer.  As a matter of fact, when they started their contortionist routine, it took them…

Looking For A New Hobby? Try Mesmerizing String Art!

With colored thread, a wooden board, and some nails you can create something magnificent called String Art aka pin and thread art. Actually, it is quite simple. First, draw a distinct image or geometric…
Art Artists DIY

Walk Off The Earth Cover "Shape Of You"! Unique!

They are a musical group called Walk off the Earth and this is their version of the megahit song "Shape of You", a famous song by the British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The crazy thing about this video…

A Fascinating Sculpture Demonstration! Who Is The BEST?!

In an effort to increase and encourage interest in performance art, two Asian universities decided to put on a sort of challenge between two performance artists! As a matter of fact, here in this video,…

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