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Looking For A New Hobby? Try Mesmerizing String Art!

With colored thread, a wooden board, and some nails you can create something magnificent called String Art aka pin and thread art. Actually, it is quite simple. First, draw a distinct image or geometric…
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Walk Off The Earth Cover "Shape Of You"! Unique!

They are a musical group called Walk off the Earth and this is their version of the megahit song "Shape of You", a famous song by the British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The crazy thing about this video…

A Fascinating Sculpture Demonstration! Who Is The BEST?!

In an effort to increase and encourage interest in performance art, two Asian universities decided to put on a sort of challenge between two performance artists! As a matter of fact, here in this video,…

This Guy's Freehand Drawing Skills Are Magical!

For many of us being faced with a blank page, is synonymous with panic, whether it be to write or to draw. However, for this Korean artist, JungGi Kim, a large "blank canvas" means the beginning of…

See How This Man Draws Images On The Snow! Astonishing!

In February 2015 visitors to Banff National Park, Canada, saw a lone man walking with difficulty back and forth in the snow. Behind him, his footsteps remained imprinted in the snow and this mysterious…

Kudos To Tania S. Who Totally Rocks Beethoven!

Often rock turns its gaze on classical music by creating arrangements for the typical musical instruments of the genre.  In this video, the apprentice musician Tania S. expertly performs the "Moonlight…

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