An ingenious invention lets you sleep…
A dog owner sings in the shower --- his dog's reaction is not to be missed! A guy sees something during a flood -- his action will be DECISIVE

An ingenious invention lets you sleep ANYWHERE!

August 27, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Are you one of those people who cannot resist the call of Morpheus once you are sitting comfortably on public transport? Well, we have found a product that might come in handy! 

During these improvised naps our head starts invariably to wobble and bob back and forth alarmingly. FaceCradle is a face and head rest cushion that allows you to safely accommodate your head in five (5) different positions, all of which ensure maximum comfort. 

You can easily and quickly attach a FaceCradle cushion to the headrest of your seat, place it between your neck and shoulders, or position it in front of you on a small tray table, depending on your preferred position!


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