A newborn baby learns to swim --- one…
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A newborn baby learns to swim --- one day it could save her life!

August 25, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The video you see may seem at first glance to document a grave case of parental neglect ...but it is not so!

This little girl's name is Josie and she is attending a special swimming course for newborn babies. The reason? Her older brother, Jake, died young from an accidental drowning, and this unfortunate incident has prompted her mother to enroll her newborn baby daughter in this specialized swimming course. 

Here we see that Josie has learned to capsize or fall belly up as soon as she comes into contact with water and to float and wait for someone to come and help her without panicking and thrashing around.

In areas where private swimming pools abound, the phenomenon of infants accidently drowning has become widespread and dangerous! Consequently, the skill that Josie has learned at just six months of age could save her life.

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