5 wonderful things that happen to your spirit when you learn to swim

Swimming is said to be a complete sport, and this is true. Not only because, compared to other physical activities, it involves many more muscles, and is excellent for developing resistance, toning,…

Teach your children how to save themselves from drowning!

To think that we can control at all times what our children do is unthinkable, especially when we are in the vicinity of swimming pools and the sea. Therefore, we must equip our children with every possible…

A newborn baby learns to swim --- one day it could save her life!

The video you see may seem at first glance to document a grave case of parental neglect ...but it is not so! This little girl's name is Josie and she is attending a special swimming course for newborn…
Newborn Swimming Wtf

A man dives in one of the deepest pools in the world. AWESOME !

This amazing pool, is in Brussels (Belgium) and has been for years the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world until the opening of another one in Padova (Italy). Its depth is 34.5 meters with a capacity…
Record Swimming Wtf

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